FlexRight® Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Durable Elbow Support"?

"Durable Elbow Support" is the generic name for "FlexRight."

The phrase "Durable Elbow Support" is taken from the FlexRight written specification and used generically in the ASHRAE Advanced Energy Design Guides for Schools, Retail Buildings, Warehouses, and Office Buildings. Below is an excerpt from the guide.

Flexible ductwork should be of the insulated type and should be:

  • Limited to connections between duct branch and diffusers.
  • Limited to connections between duct branch and variable air volume terminal units.
  • Limited to 5 ft or less. Installed without any kinks.
  • Installed with a durable elbow support when used as an elbow.

What is a FlexRight?

FlexRight is a radius forming brace designed to eliminate kinks and airflow restrictions common to most flexible duct installations. FlexRight installs over the outer jacket of flexible duct to form a smooth unrestricted 90-degree elbow. FlexRight is used with diffusers, air devices, duct collars, and HVAC equipment.

What are the size ranges for FlexRight?

FlexRight is manufactured adjustable and universal to fit flexible duct sizes 4" through 16" (102mm - 406mm). FlexRight works with all brands of commercial and residential flexible duct.

Is FlexRight a GREEN product?

Yes, FlexRight is GreenSpec listed and can contribute to achieving LEED points. FlexRight is made from 100% recycled materials and saves energy by improving airflow. Improved airflow saves energy by allowing unrestricted air delivery. Less "work" is required by air handling equipment to deliver conditioned air to occupied spaces.

Can FlexRight be retrofitted on existing flexible ducts to save energy?

Yes, FlexRight straps over the outer jacket of flexible duct. Airflow can be improved at any flexible duct that is accessible. A retrofit installation requires approximately two minutes (see illustration on right).

Are there installation guidelines and standards pertaining to the minimum acceptable radius bends for flexible duct?

Yes, besides the ASHRAE Energy Design Guides mentioned above, SMACNA (Sheet Metal Air Conditioning Contractors National Association) and ADC (Air Diffusion Council) address acceptable flexible duct bends. Installing FlexRight meets or exceeds their recommendations. Below are excerpts from their published guides.

SMACNA - Flexible Air Duct Installation Standards
"Bends shall be made with not less than 1 duct diameter centerline radius."

Air Diffusion Council – Flexible Duct Performance & Installation Standards
"Radius at center line shall not be less than one duct diameter."

Is FlexRight UL Classified?

Yes, FlexRight is UL Classified. (UL 2043)

Additional information is available upon request.

I am a mechanical engineer and would like to specify FlexRight on my future projects. Are CAD detail drawings available?

Yes, they are available upon request. Please contact us.

What kinds of flex duct can FlexRight be used on?

FlexRight can be used on any residential or commercial flex duct, sizes 4" to 16" in diameter. FlexRight works with insulated and uninsulated flex ducts.